Xtreme Carpet Repair Adelaide was a joy to work with and very knowledgeable in his industry. To cover an area where a built-in bar had been removed, we had to complete a difficult repair job. The result is a patchable, oddly shaped area. We also didn’t have a lot of extra carpet to deal with. Xtreme Carpet Repair Adelaide’s team thought of how to reconstruct the carpet to minimise seams, maximise the carpet we already had, and explained this method to us so we knew what to expect. Although the task was not very big, it was hard owing to the circumstances, and they handled it successfully. They know rugs! Their technician came to give us an estimate because there were ripples in two of our rooms’ wall-to-wall carpets. He explained why there was rippling and gave us a range of estimates that were reasonable. When we asked how quickly he could finish the job, he said “right now.” Three hours later, we had smooth rugs again. – Clara

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