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Carpet Cleaning Services

William: Founder and Owner of Xtreme Carpet Repair Adelaide

William, the founder of Xtreme Carpet Repair Adelaide is known for his excellent vision and remarkable business strategies. In the carpet repair industry, he has an experience of over 25 years. Not only runs the business but also knows craftsmanship. He is a great learner and attends various workshops that could help him in advancing in the field of carpet repair.

Since childhood, William had an inclination towards techniques that could magically remove the holes, burns and tears from the carpets. He comes from a business family. His father was a carpet retailer. William identified that people have to purchase new carpets because of minor holes and cuts. That’s how he came up with the idea to build a carpet repair company. He named the company Xtreme Carpet Repair. William has a vision of repairing extremely damaged carpets with the finest use of skills and tools.

Today, Xtreme Carpet Repair Adelaide is a successful company that has expanded its business remarkably over the last two decades. William believes that every company related to service industry should focus on customer satisfaction. He has ensured that his team is also aligned with the ideology.

William has received various awards because of his ethical and customer-oriented approach. He has managed to surpass the competition with top-quality services. When it comes to company, he has many plans. In the next five years, Williams is planning to expand the team and service portfolio to provide maximum benefit to the people living in and around Adelaide.

If your carpet has been damaged due to candles or heavy furniture, then contact Xtreme Carpet Repair Adelaide. William’s company is not going to disappoint you.


Our Vision

We work with a vision to make Xtreme Carpet Repair the leading company in the carpet repair industry.


Our Mission

Our company would provide affordable and high-quality carpet repair services to commercial and residential customers. We would use the best techniques to restore badly damaged carpets,

Meet Our Team Members

Our carpet restoration team has been rendering quality services for over two decades that meet the requirements of every customer in Adelaide.Though we have a team of over 200 people, we must appreciate the members that have been associated with company for several years. Meet some of our passionate and experienced carpet repair specialists.


With an overall experience of over 15 years, James has given a great boost to our team. Because of his expertise and detailed work, we are able to fix almost all types of holes and tears in a carpet. In his free time, he loves to play soccer.


We are proud to have a team member like David in our company. He specialises in various techniques such as patching and restretching. With correct use of tools and products, he is able to restore carpets in no time.


One of the finest carpet repair specialists, Oliver can take challenging tasks and emerge as a winner. He could repair almost all types of carpets. People love him for his fun, polite and helpful nature.


Since the inception of the company, Sam has been a part of it. His input for company development and better customer experience are always welcomed by us. He is known for his dedication and perfection in the carpet repair job.

Our Milestones

It has been an incredible journey for Xtreme Carpet Repair Adelaide. We have learned a lot in last 20 years and used our learning to grow consistently. Some milestones that we achieved in our journey are as follows:

  • We have been featured in many news articles and magazines.
  • We started the journey with residential carpet repair. Now, we have become the topmost carpet repair company for commercial places as well.
  • We have increased the customer base 20 times.
  • We have expanded our business, employee number and services ten times in last 5years.

Years Of Experience


Services Done Everyday

Team Members

Our Certification

We respect the standards set by licensing companies for carpet repair work. Our company always exceed the expectation of clients by maintaining high standards. The leading company IICRC has given us the certification for carpet repair. We have a valid license that makes us eligible for providing carpet restoration services to residences and offices.

Certification Certification Certification Certification

Why Choose Xtreme Carpet Repair Adelaide?

Xtreme Carpet Repair Adelaide offers high-quality and reliable restoration work in Adelaide and its surroundings. We are an established company that could help you with a complete range of carpet repair solutions. You could get the following benefits by choosing our company:

  • Available on Same Day
  • You could book our service online and hire our experts on the same day.
  • Experienced Workers
  • Our carpet repair services can be booked at pocket-friendly prices
  • Use of Advanced Tools
  • The experts in our company use modern and effective tools for carpet repair.
  • Best Local Service Provider
  • Our company is locally-owned and serves the main city and nearby suburbs.
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction
  • Our professionals work with dedication and make sure that clients are happy with the outcome.

At Xtreme Carpet Repair Adelaide, we offer a wide range of services, including carpet repairs, frayed seam repair, mending joints and splits, carpet patching, burnt carpet repair, same day carpet repair, emergency carpet repair, carpet re-stretching, commercial carpet repair, residential carpet repair, and water damage carpet repair.

Our employees are experienced and know the intricacies of carpet repair work. With our technicians on the job, you can rest assured about the quality of the restoration work. We offer an affordable repair that can satisfy the needs of our commercial and residential clients. Whilst, providing budget-friendly carpet repair, we produce top-notch results.

Services We Offer

Xtreme Carpet Repair Adelaide has designed each service carefully. Our company ensures that every problem related to a damaged carpet could be covered under our treatments. The solutions offered by our experts are carpet burn repair, carpet patching, carpet restretching, carpet hole repair, carpet water damage repair, carpet seam repair, carpet torn repair and carpet wrinkle repair.

Our Approach

We work with a customer-centric approach. Instead of using traditional and ineffective techniques, we use the latest and tested techniques to repair carpets. We want to ensure safety of our customers by fixing the flaws in the carpet. Our customised carpet restoration plans are perfect for bringing back life to the damaged carpets.

Pillars of Our Success:

We have been in the carpet restoration industry for quite a long and our skilled team uses their expert repairing skills to restore your floorings. We have the equipment and tools to fix and restore your damaged carpets. Our carpet repair services can help you mend your valuable floor covering to its former glory. Have a look at pillars of our success:

Emergency Repairing Services

Top-notch Quality Service

Xtreme Carpet Repair Adelaide has a reputation for offering outstanding services. We strive with dedication and diligence to fulfil all our client’s anticipation. Our skilled technicians are experts and provide flawless services at your commercial and residential property as per your desire.

100% Customer Satisfaction

Trustworthy and Honest

We believe in transparency in everything we are associated with. We have honest policies and a reliable approach. We do not charge any hidden amount or commit financial fraud with our clients. We value the trust of our clients, and we will preserve it forever.

Locally Owned

Friendly and Helpful Team

Our staffs are understanding and are always eager to service the clients. Plus, your customers are happy and extremely content with our repairing methods and the way we precede with restoration treatments.

Licensed and Certified Team of Professionals


At Xtreme Carpet Repair Adelaide, our paramount duty is to pay attention to our client’s wellbeing. Hence, we employ only eco-friendly products to restore your valuable carpets. We do not use any harmful chemicals that would risk the health of customers and the surroundings.

To book our services, reach out to us on 0488823718. You can even ask for a express booking on-call for the service you need.

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