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June 8, 2021

Reliable Water Damaged Carpet Repair Adelaide

Xtreme Carpet Repair Adelaide is a certified master water damage restores offering water damage carpet repair and cleaning services across Adelaide.

Our team of technicians has IICRC accreditation and is available 24-hours to cater to your emergency water damage restoration service. Moreover, our two decades of experience give us the confidence to guarantee the output. So, if you are looking for a reliable water damage restorer to clean and restore your carpets, then get in touch with us today.

We understand the restoration urgency and try to reach your Adelaide property in less than 1 hour of the call.

Prompt Water Damage Repair Service

Water damage is an emergency that needs to be dealt with quickly. A delay in restoration can turn catastrophic. It may cause secondary damage or contaminate the carpet further. Additionally, hygroscopic material such as plaster walls, timber, etc., may get affected due to increased humidity in the air.

Restoring water-damaged carpets is a challenging task, and if you delay the restoration job for more than 24-hours, the carpet may get damaged beyond repair.

Xtreme Carpet Repair offers prompt service and follows a simple yet effective process to provide you an unbeatable outcome. Our professional carpet restoration services even reduce the risk of contamination, stains, bacterial growth, and foul smell.

Categories, classification, and causes for water damage 

Water damages are frequent and may occur anywhere – residential or commercial places. The most common reasons for water damage are burst pipes, floodwater, clogged pipes, dishwasher leakage, washing machine overflow, etc. Further, it can cause severe damage to electronics and the structure too.

Depending on the source of water, water damage is classified under three categories:

Category 1: Sink overflows, broken pipes or leakage from dishwasher and washing machine is classified under this category.

Category 2: The water has some degree of contamination or chemicals that can cause illness and discomfort. Category-2 is also known as ‘greywater’. Sump pumps, washing machines, urine from toilets, dishwashers, etc., are classified under greywater.

Category 3: This water is unsanitary and carries illness-causing pathogens. It is also known as black water. Ground surface water, toilet backflow, medical waste, factory waster, seawater, river water are some of the examples of black water.

Note: If the category-2 water damage is not treated within 48 hours, it may turn into category-3 water damage.

Special Category: Hazardous materials such as mercury, arsenic, asbestos, lead, etc., are present in the water damage.

The rate of evaporation determines the class of water. Before initiating the cleaning and drying process of the damaged area, it is essential to understand the class of water damage.

Understanding the class of damage helps our water damaged carpet repair Adelaide team determine the drying time and tools required.

Class 1: Here the rate of evaporation is slow, and content moisture absorption is minimum. This type of exposure has very minimal or no effect on the underlay or the carpet.

Class 2: Here the rate of evaporation is fast compared to class-1. It may wick the walls (12-24 inches). Further, it may affect the entire room, underlay, or carpet.

Class 3: The evaporation rate is the fastest compared to the other two classes. It may saturate the entire area. The water comes from the ceiling, damaging the timber structure, insulation, electrical conducts, floor, and carpets.

Class 4: This requires special drying conditions, such as low humidity. This class applies to materials with low porosity, such as plaster, brick, stone, hardwood floor, or concrete.

Our Water Damaged Carpet Repair Adelaide Process

Our water damaged carpet repair technicians follow all the safety standards laid down by the Australian government. Have a look at the effective carpet restoration process followed by our professionals:

Thorough Inspection of The Flood Damaged Property

The first thing our technicians look for is the safety hazards. If any, we eliminate them. Later, our technicians inspect the non-affected and affected areas using special water-sensing tools, moisture meters, Infrared machines, and thermal imaging cameras.

They carry out a thorough assessment of the underlays, wet carpet, subfloor, timber structure, and plaster walls to understand the level of contamination and category and class of the water damage.

Only after the inspection, our technicians decide on which items are salvageable and which are not. Plus, they even inform the clients about the structure that requires repairing or disposal.

Determining The Scope of Work and Providing Estimation for The Job

Based on the finding, we finalize the most suitable restoration method. We even advise about the cost of the work and the time it would take to dry and ultimately restore the water-damaged area.

Water Extraction 

Xtreme Carpet Repair Adelaide uses highly advanced extraction equipment to remove water from the flooded carpet. This step determines the drying time. The more water is extracted, the faster the area will dry.

Mould Control Treatment

Mould sustains in the damp area, and water damage causes dampness which supports mould growth.

Mould can damage the surface it grows on, and the longer it lives, the severe damage it causes. We use antimicrobials, antifungal, and mould control products to treat the affected area and minimize the spread.

We perform antimicrobial treatment twice. First, during the drying process, and second, after completing the water damage restoration process. This antimicrobial treatment in two parts helps in preventing and controlling mould growth.

Wet Carpet and Structure Drying Using Air Movement and Dehumidification

After completing water extraction, we used industrial-grade air movers to scatter water molecules faster and reduce drying time.

LGR Dehumidifier or Desiccant are used to disperse moisture from the air. If required, our technicians may lift the carpet to facilitate drying of the subfloor and structure.

Browning Stain Removal from Water-Damaged Carpets

Once the carpet is dried, our Xtreme Carpet Repair Adelaide professionals try cleaning the cellulosic browning stains caused by water residues.

Carpet Restretching Repair

If the carpet is lifted, we restretch and reinstall the carpet to remove budges, bumps, wrinkles, etc.

Continuous Moisture Monitoring

Our skilled technicians continuously monitor the moisture levels to achieve the most satisfactory flood damage restoration result. We keep the dehumidifiers and air mover running on the property to facilitate drying and routinely track the humidity and moisture content of the water-damaged materials.

When it comes to water damage restoration, we do not believe in what is seen by eyes. We use special instruments to confirm that the water-damaged materials are restored to their pre-loss moisture condition.

Steam Cleaning with Antimicrobial Sanitiser

Finally, we steam clean the carpets using an antimicrobial sanitiser. This helps in killing bacteria and other harmful particles that may stay within the carpet. It even eliminates the unforgiving damp odour.

Final Reports

Upon completion of the restoration and repair process, we provide a detailed final report that can be used for insurance claims.

The Best Water Damaged Carpet Repair Adelaide Service Is Just a Call Away!

Have you got carpets at residential or commercial places water-damaged due to any reason, never ignore them. Call an experienced, professional, and trained master carpet restorer to safely restore your water-damaged carpet.

Why Choose us?

• IICRC certified technicians

• Offer service across the Adelaide region

• We provide a detailed job report to the insurer

• Available 24×7, including on weekends and public holidays

• We work with all the major insurance companies

• Offer service to both commercial and residential properties

• Accept all kinds of job, big or small

• We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Can I dry carpets naturally on the floor?

Answer: Leaving carpets to dry naturally may further damage the carpets. Thus, it is advised to call a professional to effectively dry your carpets.

2.  Is it essential to call a professional immediately?

Answer: Yes, it is crucial to call professionals immediately to reduce the risk of contamination and further damage to the carpet.

3.  Is using a vacuum cleaner advisable to dry carpets?

Answer: A vacuum cleaner may help you in removing the moisture, but for effective results, hire a professional. Call on 0488823718 to book a water damaged carpet restoration service.

4.  Why should I hire a professional for extracting water from carpets?

Answer: Professionals have the necessary tools, experience, and training to effectively remove water and restore your priceless carpets.

5.  How much time does it take to restore water damaged carpets?

Answer: Our technicians thoroughly inspect the damaged area before determining the time and cost for restoration.

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