Do you keep the hair styling tools properly on the table, or do they fall on the carpet? Hair devices could be one of the main reasons for the carpet damage. Even the cigarettes that you smoke could cause damage to the carpet. If these hot objects have burned your carpet, you can book a carpet repair Adelaide service from Xtreme Carpet Repair Adelaide. Do you want some DIY hacks? You’ll find them here, too.

Carpet Burns Repair

Why Should You Consider Carpet Burn Repair?

It is not a good decision to leave the carpet burns untreated. If you have discovered any carpet burns, it’s important to get them fixed quickly for the following reasons:

Burn Repair Could Restore Carpet’s Beauty

Black dots or holes from burns can spoil the appearance of your luxurious carpets. Carpet repair services can help you keep your carpets looking beautiful for years.

Carpet Burn Repair Ensures Safety

Sometimes, the carpets burn severely. The holes can be big. Elderly people and toddlers might fall because of big holes.

Repair Carpet Burns to Save Money

If you are planning to replace the burned carpet, then ditch the idea right away! Ask the experts to check the condition of your carpet and get it repaired at an affordable price.

Extend the Carpet’s Life

To ensure that the carpet stays durable and elegant for many years, you need to consider regular carpet repairs.

What Do You Need to Do Before Carpet Burn Repair?

If your carpet has burn marks and holes because of hair straighteners or cigarettes, then you need to make the following preparations:

  • You need to remove heavy furniture from the carpet.
  • Next, you need to clean the space with a vacuum cleaner.
  • Lastly, collect all the tools. You would require bleach solution, scissors, glue, a carpet knife, double-sided tape, a patch, and tweezers.

How do I Fix Carpet Burns?

Based on the size of the carpet burn, you can choose the appropriate method. Here is how you can fix major and minor burns in your carpets:

For Tiny Cigarette Burn

Generally, tiny burns look like black dots on the carpet. To fix these kinds of burns, you need to use sandpaper. It can clean the upper layer of carpet material and reduce the mark’s darkness. If the blackness persists, you can use a bleach solution to eliminate the burn stains.

For Medium Carpet Burns

If the heat from hair styling tools or cigarettes affects a small area, you can use fibres.

Firstly, you need to take tweezers and pull out the damaged threads. You would require new fibres to replace the old ones. If you have a sideboard or sofa in your living room, then you can take fibres from the carpet under these objects. With glue, you can paste the fibres in the burned area.

For Large Carpet Burns

If the carpet is badly burned, then you will need to put in some effort. Patching is a carpet repair Adelaide technique that professionals worldwide use to repair carpet burns. The process of burn repair typically involves several key steps:

  • Firstly, you need to take scissors and remove the burned strands of the carpet.
  • Secondly, take the carpet cutter and cut the damaged section of the carpet.
  • Next, you can take the measurements of the trimmed part.
  • Then, you need to find a matching patch. You can cut out the fabric from another carpet or the same carpet.
  • Place the patch on the trimmed part. You can use double-sided tape and glue to paste the patch.
  • Lastly, it is essential to blend the fixed area with the rest of the carpet. A wide-tooth comb can serve this purpose.

It is a complicated method. You need to be careful while placing the patch. Moreover, the placement should be clean. A messy patch could ruin the carpet. If you find this method difficult, you can hire professionals. They can repair the burned carpet with ease.

DIY or Professional Carpet Burn Repair

Many people find it budget-friendly and convenient to repair burned carpet with DIY methods. But they regret the decision later. DIY carpet burn repair can be great for minute holes. But you can’t fix large burns with DIY.

In the event of severe carpet burns, you must seek assistance from experts. The experts have a wide range of tools. They are aware of various methods. In addition, they take less time to repair the burn. If a hair straightener, iron, or cigarette damages your carpets, choose carpet burn repair professionals.

How to Prevent Carpet Burns?

If you want to keep your carpets flawless for years, then you can follow these measures:

  • To keep the curlers, straighteners, and irons, you can buy a board.
  • Don’t burn candles near carpets.
  • Don’t allow kids to play with matchsticks on the carpet.
  • Don’t smoke on the carpet. To prevent carpet burns, create a smoking area.
  • We should forbid cooking on the carpet.

Why Choose Xtreme Carpet Repair?

If you need a pocket-friendly and reliable carpet burn repair service, then we can be the perfect choice for you. To fix your luxurious carpets, we can provide a top-quality service.

We are an experienced company that has a valid licence to provide carpet burn repair services. Our trained team can fix all types of burns in no time. We can also offer same-day service to meet urgent needs for homes and businesses. So, contact us to make the booking.


Regular damage affects the life and appearance of the carpets. To keep your carpet free from burns, you can follow the methods given above. The methods are simple to apply. If you don’t get results from DIY, make it a point to call the experts at Xtreme Carpet Repair Adelaide. On the same day, you will get rid of all the carpet burns.


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