Cozy and beautiful carpets increase the aesthetic value of a property. Floors are covered by carpets for increased protection. Due to sharp objects, heavy traffic, and hot objects, the carpets become damaged. The condition of the carpet can also affect your health. You need to get them repaired regularly to maintain their durability. Booking carpet repair Adelaide service could be helpful in getting rid of the health problems associated with damaged carpets. In this blog, you would know about the role of regular carpet repair in reducing health risks.

Carpet Repair

Different Types of Carpet damage

Before understanding the role of carpet repair services, you need to know about carpet damage. The damage could be of the following types:

  • Pet Damage

Pets like cats and dogs have sharp teeth and nails. They can scratch and chew your expensive carpets. This kind of damage can’t be fixed without professional help.

  • Carpet Burns

Carpets can become burned due to many reasons such as candles, melted wax, cigarettes, irons, and hair styling tools.

  • Tears, Holes, and Cuts

Because of sharp objects and high foot traffic, the carpets have to suffer from major and minor damage. These tears and holes can be fixed by experts.

  • Wrinkles and Ripples

There are many risks associated with a rippled carpet. This kind of damage must be fixed quickly to prevent health problems.

If you find such kind of damage in your carpet, then you can book carpet repair services Adelaide. The experts would come to your place and repair the damaged carpets on time.

How Professional Carpet Repairs Reduces Health Risks?

Many people neglect carpet repair for a long time. But, they get to see the side effects of damaged carpets on their health. Yes, you heard it right! There is a direct relationship between the carpet and your health. But, Adelaide carpet repair services can help you in reducing the problems. Here is how professional services can help you:

  1. Prevention of Fractures and Sprains

If you have toddlers or elderly people at home, then you should be careful about carpet maintenance. Because of wrinkles, waves, tears, frayed edges, and damaged seams, people can’t walk over the carpet properly. Sometimes, they fall on the carpet and get injured.

Fractures, bone injuries, sprains, and many other health problems can arise from falling on the carpet. Scared? You can prevent such problems by simply hiring experts.

Professionals have a wide range of tools that can quickly fix the problematic areas in a carpet. To fix some common problems, the carpet repair experts used the following methods:

  • Patching

With the help of this technique, the experts repair the holes, cuts, and major burns in a carpet. By using this method, professionals make the carpet safe. People can walk freely without worrying about injuries. In this method, the patch is placed on the damaged section of the carpet.

  • Restretching

It is another method that is used extensively by carpet restretching professionals. To eliminate wrinkles and ripples, the experts can use a power stretcher. It is a wonderful tool that removes the waves in a carpet within a few minutes.

  1. Prevention of Allergies and Infections

Sometimes, a torn carpet becomes a hub for allergens and pathogens. The torn section accumulates lots of dirt and dust. It is not easy to collect dirt from the torn carpets. That’s why the carpets cause health problems. If you avoid carpet repair services Adelaide for many months, you will notice an increase in allergic reactions and infections.

  1. Prevention of Mental Stress

When the carpets are in tattered condition, the property owners are worried about everyone’s safety. In commercial places, customers and employees can suffer from injuries. At home, babies can suffer. To stay stress-free, you can hire experts. They would fix the issues and help in maintaining good mental health.

Why DIY Carpet Repair is Not Good for Your Health?

Now, you know that professional carpet repair is great for your health. But, DIY is not a good option. Here is why you should avoid DIY carpet repair:

  • Energy-Consuming

Fixing major problems damaged seams and tear is not a joke. Lots of experience is required in specialising in the skill. If you are planning to repair the carpet without booking Adelaide carpet repair services, then get ready to put in lots of hard work. Why take stress when professionals can complete the work within a few hours?

  • Full of Stress

Professionals carry important tools and know the minute details of carpet repair. To execute DIY carpet repair, you need to collect all the tools. One mistake during the process could even cause harm to the carpet. Isn’t it stressful? So, choose professional service when it comes to carpet repair. In this way, you will stay healthy as well.

Professional Carpet Repair Process

The carpet repair specialists follow an organised procedure to fix the carpet problems. Here is how they do it:

  • Remove Furniture

To begin with, the workers remove the furniture. They need space to work.

  • The Inspect the Carpet

The experts check the condition of the carpet properly and note the areas that need repair.

  • Take Out the Instruments

Based on the condition of the carpet, the experts choose the tools.

  • Execution of Carpet Repair Method

When the tools are ready, the experts start using them. They use different methods like carpet restretching and patching to fix the issues.

Why Hire Xtreme Carpet Repair Adelaide?

We are a leading provider of carpet repair service. As a commercial property owner or residential property owner, you can reach out to us because we can offer the following perks:

  • Our team has experienced people. They are reliable, polite and trained.
  • We offer lots of carpet repair solutions at reasonable prices.
  • In our company, we can provide you with a service quote instantly.
  • We have a dedicated customer care team.


To prevent health problems, you should book carpet repair Adelaide services regularly. In residential places, the frequency can be once a year. In commercial places, it can be more than that. If you want reliable carpet repair service, then don’t forget to contact Xtreme Carpet Repair Adelaide!


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