Carpets are manufactured in a standard size of 12-feet rolls, and your rooms are larger than that, making seam inevitable. Professional technicians install a seam in-between the two carpeting to make your flooring look like a single piece. They use heavy-duty tapes and carpets to ensure that the joints stay in place.The carpet seam is visible or invisible depending on the material, quality, and efficiency of the professional carpet installation service provider. If you happen to see a visible seam, get in touch with an expert carpet steam cleaning Adelaide professional. They are proficient and can fix carpet seams and make your carpeting as good as new.

Professional Carpet Seam Repair Service

Reasons for Carpet Seam Repair Service

Carpet seams may get damaged due to several reasons, such as poor installation, overexposure to sunlight, water, old age, pets, cheap carpet steam cleaning Adelaide, etc. Once the seam starts splitting, it just gets worse with passing days. If this is the case with your carpets seam, we recommend contacting a professional carpet repair Adelaide technician.

However, for those who feel confident in doing carpet seam repair by themselves, we have outlined simple methods to repair seams and restore your flooring. Let’s have a look:

Is Your Seam Splitting or Peaking?

Before taking out thecarpet seam repair tools, you need to find out what the issue is. The most common seam issues are seam peaking and seam splitting. 

Seam Peaking – As the name suggests, peaking is when the carpet becomes loose, causing it to slope or peak at the seams.

Seam Splitting: This occurs when the carpet seam tears and splits apart.

Steps For Carpet Seam Repair

Once the carpet issue has been diagnosed, it is time to start the restoration work. If the problem is minor, simply tape or re-glue the damaged seam. 

Process 1

If you are applying adhesive, then ensure you use a generous amount of glue. Push the seam into the glue and place a heavy object on top. Wait for a couple of hours to let the glue dry, then remove the weights.

Process 2

If you are using seam tape, then start by removing the old tape from the damaged carpet area. Place the heat-activated seam tape between the two carpet pieces and glide a seaming iron on top. Next, press the seam together onto the tape and place weights till the glue dries.

If you are uncomfortable repairing carpet seam, we recommend hiring an expert carpet seam repair Adelaide technician. Also, it is advisable to avoid uncertified and cheap carpet steam cleaning Adelaide service for the longevity of the flooring.


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