June 8, 2021

Reliable Carpet Restretching, Repair Adelaide Service Provider

If you are looking for an exceptional carpet restretching and repair service provider that will elevate your lifestyle and home, you are at the right place. Xtreme Carpet Repair Adelaide is the leading carpet restretching and carpet repair company in Adelaide and its surroundings.

Accidents happen to the carpets and require precise removal of the stains or the affected area. Carpets may get damaged by regular use, rips and tears, frayed seams, bleach damage, pet damage, wine stains, food spills, and many more. At Xtreme Carpet Repair Adelaide, we have a team of technicians who specialize in repair and can make those eye-soaring areas disappear for good. Even if your carpets have developed waves, bubbles, bumps, or lines, we can restretch, repair and restore your carpets to their original condition. We offer high-quality carpet restretching services across Adelaide. Wrinkles or ripples on the carpet can come from several reasons such as improper carpet placement, a constant movement of furniture, heavy foot traffic, etc. Carpets should be restretched to extend their life and ensure that they stay in perfect condition for long.

Carpet restretching, as the word suggests, restretches the carpet and restores its neat and fresh look. Further, it is a cost-saving expense. The extra carpet is trimmed off, and the edges are secured to the sides.

For carpet restretching and carpet repair, we strictly use only safe and non-toxic products to ensure the safety of your pets and family. Additionally, we never use detergents or harsh chemicals while cleaning your precious carpet. Washing the carpet acts like a slow poison and can damage your carpet completely. Unlike other carpet restretching adelaide service providers, we use the latest and reliable tools, methods, and products to offer you a value for money service. With an effective repair and re-stretching service, you can save the excessive cost of replacing the carpet. Call Xtreme Carpet Repair Adelaide and revitalize the presence of your flooring.

We are always delighted to serve you. Call on 0488823718 and ask for a express booking.

At Xtreme Carpet Repair, we believe that elegant homes start with clean and spotless carpets. Call on 0488823718 to know more about our superior services. Refreshed carpets are just a call away!!

Our Carpet Restretching and Carpet Repair Process:

Dry vacuuming: First thing that our carpet restretching, repair adelaide professionals do is remove the loose soil and dirt particles from the carpet’s surface.

Steaming: Next, we apply hot steam to remove oily and greasy stains.

Wrinkle removal: Our skilled technicians reinstall the carpet after restretching to remove the wrinkles from your precious carpets.

Moisten the carpet: The carpets are lightly moistened to loosen the ingrained dust particles. We allow the carpets to moisten for 10-15 minutes.

Seaming: Seaming, hauling, and layout are considered as one the best methods to restretch carpets.

Hot water extraction: It is also known as steam cleaning. We clean your carpets using hot steam to extract stubborn stains and soil.

Grooming: Finally, the carpet is groomed to allow the fibers to rejuvenate and stand up. It also decreases the drying time

Call on 0488823718 and give your carpets the much-needed care and attention!!

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Is carpet restretching worth the money?

Answer: Carpet restretching improves the appearance of the house and even extends the life of your valuable carpets. Call on 0488823718 to book an appointment.

2.  Is it possible to restretch carpets using home tools?

Answer: Restretching carpets requires vast knowledge and extensive training. Restretching carpet using home tools may damage the carpets. Thus, it is advised to hire a professional to restretch carpets.

3.  What is the cause of wrinkles on the carpet?

Answer: Carpets may get wrinkles due to several reasons such as pets, regular use, improper installation, movement of furniture, etc.

4.  Is it possible to eliminate wrinkles from the carpet?

Answer: Xtreme Carpet Repair adelaide offers an exceptional carpet wrinkle removal service. Call on 0488823718 to know more about the service.

5.  Should I restretch my carpet quarterly?

Answer: Restretching carpets too often may damage the carpet’s fabric. Thus, it is advised to restretch carpet once a year or whenever it is required.

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